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Shri Ram Bhawan – The first building of University

Shri Ram Bhawan

  • The first building of Dsvv
  • Made in – 2002
  • the name of this building as per suggestions was invocated on our deeply believed, our mentor, our god, one of the great yogi pandit shri ram sharma acharya ji
  • it is located south western side which is one of the specific direction of all and it has 6 corners due to which it gets Enlighted by sunrays at all the corners.
  • it is made up of red stone which helps it to absorb excess amount of heat generated.
  • there are total 3 floors, in which there are 10 rooms made on each floor. Total rooms are 33
  • ground floor is for official work, our registrar office, vice chancellor and pro v c office is also there. Then examination department is also there, a committee hall is also there where conferences are held.
  • next about departments or animation course department is on the first floor with advance computer lab totally air condition facilitated room.
  • on first floor, there are two main departments psychology and yoga.
  • Psychology lab and b.c.a lab are also there. Next, we have 4 classes for daily on-going classes.
  • second floor consist of only one department i.e. theology department. also pertains 10 classes.
  • For some of the people who are not willing to stand by thru stairs there is a facility for them to have a ride through lift.
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