Aryabhatt Central Library

The University has a well established five storey library building situated in the heart of the campus called ‘Aryabhatt Bhawan’ with latest facilities and surrounded by lush green lands and serene ambiance, which caters to the need of the undergraduate and post graduate students, research scholars and the faculty.

The University library has a collection of about 40,000 books and 1,000 bound volumes of journals. It subscribes to about 40 national and international journals and 48 magazine in various disciplines of science, spirituality and humanities. Services such as lending of books and journals, reading halls, reprographic facilities and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library. Library also consists of varied collection of books on Philosophy, Human excellence, life-management, Personality development, Autobiographies and vivid other interesting subjects.

  1. Inter-library loan
  2. Bibliographic Service
  3. User Orientation
  4. Reference Service
  5. Current Awareness Service
  6. Photocopy Service
  7. Book Bank


The library collection comprises of the following documents:

(As on June 30, 2016)

Current Journals40
Back volumes (Magazine)1000
DSVV Theses110

List I

1Prabandhan : India Journal of ManagementMonthly2014-20167-9
2Indian ManagementMonthly2014-201653-55
3IUP Journal of Knowledge ManagementQuarterly2014-201612-14
4Psychological StudiesQuarterly2014-201659-60
5International Journal of Development and Management ReviewHalf Yearly2014-20164-6
6Journal of Human Development and Information SystemHalf Yearly2014-20166-7
7International Journal of Advances in developing Human ResourcesHalf Yearly2014-20164-5
8International Journal of Computing and ApplicationHalf Yearly2014-20169-11
9International Journal of Information Technology and Database SystemHalf Yearly2014-20165-7
10International Journal of Communication and TechnologyHalf Yearly2014-2016




List II

11International Journal of Computer Science and System AnalysisHalf Yearly2014-20168-10
12International Journal of computational Intelligence Theory and PracticeHalf Yearly2014-20169-11
13International Journal of Information RetrievalHalf Yearly2014-20167-9
14International Journal of Management and Human ResourcesHalf Yearly2014-20164-6
15International Journal of Computer Science and Management SystemHalf Yearly2014-20166-8
16International Journal of YogaHalf Yearly2014-20167-9
17The IUP Journal of Computer ScienceQuarterly2014-20168-10
18International Journal of Computation Intelligence ResearchesHalf Yearly2014-20169-11
19KARAPAGAM JCSTwo months2014-20168-9
20Indian Journal of clinical PsychologyHalf Yearly2014-201641-42

List III

21Indian Journal of Decision ScienceHalf Yearly2015-20166
22Indian Psychology ReviewQuarterly2014-201682-86
23Journal of Psychological ResearchesHalf Yearly2014-201658-59
24Journal of Indian Academy of Applied PsychologyHalf Yearly2014-201640 & 42
25International Journal of Computing Information TechnologyHalf Yearly2015-20167-8
26International Journal of Risk ManagementHalf Yearly2014-20164-6
27Human Development and Information SystemHalf Yearly2014-20167-8
28Humanitarian Logistic and supply Chain ManagementHalf Yearly2015-20165-6
29Communication System and Information SecurityHalf Yearly2015-20163

List IV

31International Journal of Health Management and InformationHalf Yearly2014-20164-3
32The Asian Jr. of Psychology and EducationQuarterly2015-201648-49
33Indian Journal of Psychometry and EducationHalf Yearly2014-201645-46
35Yog SudhaMonthly2003-201619-32
36Annals of Library and Information StudiesQuarterly201662 and Open Access
37Journal of Educational Planning and AdministrationQuarterly2014-201628-29
38Bhartiya Adhunik ShikshaQuarterly2014-201635-36
49Yog MimansaHalf Yearly2016Subscribed
40Sanskrit PritabhaHalf Yearly2016Subscribed

List I

1Journal of the Oriental Institute M.S.V.XXIII, 1973 – V.XLIX, 1999
2PSY LinguaV. IV, 1974 – V.37, 2007
3Journal of Personality & Clinical StudiesV.1 1985 – V.13, 1997
4Psychomistry & EducationV.11,1980 – V.31,2000
5Prachi – Journal of Psycho Cultural ( Diminutions )V.1, 1985 – V.17, 2001
6Journal of Humanistic PsychologyV.43, 2003 – V.45, 2005
7Cultural & PsychologyV.9, 2003 – V.12, 2005
8Indian Psychology Abstract and ReviewV.1, 1994 – V.9, 2002
9Journal of Psychological ResearchV.47,2003 – V.48, 2004
10Indian Journal of Applied PsychologyV. 40, 2003 – V.42, 2005

List II

11International Jl. of Clinical & Experimental HynosisV.50, 2002 – V.50, 2002
12Indian Journal ReviewV.62, 2004 – V.63, 2004
13Behavioral and Congnitive Neuroscience ReviewV.2, 2003 – V.4, 2005
14Psychiatric Clinic of North AmericaV.27, 2004 – V.28, 2005
15Yog MimansaV-VI,1956 – V-XLIII, 2012
16Yoga Viinana, The Science of YogaV.1,2006 – V.2,2009
17International Journal of Yoga & Allied ScienceV.1,2012 – V.2, 2012
18International Journal of YogaV.3, 2010 – V.6, 2013
19Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International JournalV-1, 2003 – V-5&6,2009


V-1, 2012 V-2, 2013

20Delhi Journal of OphthalmologyV.12,2007

List III

21Media WatchV.2, 2011 – V.3, 2012
22The Indian CowV.4, 2007 – V.10, 2013
23The Charted AccountedV.60, 2011 – V-63, 2014
24The Management AccountantV.47, 2012 – V.47.2012
25H.R. Journal of ManagementV.2, 2009 – V.3, 2010
26IBA Journal of Management & LeadershipV.1, 2009
27USHUS Journal of Business ManagementV.6, 2007 – V.8, 2009
28MAPANA Journal of ScienceV.6, 2007 – V.8, 2009
29Journal of Social ScienceV.6, 2007 – V.8, 2009
30India Journal of Public AdministrationV.XLVI, 2002 – V.LIII,2007

List IV

31Indian Literature JournalV.XLV, 2001 – V.XLVII, 2003
32Samkalin Bhartiya SahitiyaV. 23, 2002 – V.28. 2008
33Who BulletinV.92, 2014
34Indian Journal of Teacher EducationV.1, 2015 – V.8, 2015
35AnveshikaV.10, 2015
36Indian Journal of Traditional KnowledgeV-9,2010 V-14,2015
37Annals of library & Information StudiesV-62,2015- V-62, 2015

Inter library loan is a service whereby a user of one library can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library. Under this programme, photocopies of certain materials can be sent to libraries on payment basis

Central Library of DSVV strongly believes in inter-library cooperation and resource sharing. We welcome academicians and research scholars of other universities of the country to access our library resources. Such visitors, who would like to avail of this facility, are requested to bring an introduction letter from their librarian.

For further details, you may contact the Librarian. Our Library Catalogue of books holdings is available on indCat ( and DELNET (

Request for inter library loan may please be sent to:-

Librarian ( with a cc to

Dr. Kalpana Gayakwad

Phone: (01334) 261367 Ext- 5465

Fax : (01334) 260723



Pusparaj Naik
Asst. Librarian
Phone: (01334) 261367 Ext- 5465


A sage, a visionary and a reformer, the Acharya initiated a movement for transformation of era, lived a disciplined life of devout austerity and attained spiritual eminence. His literature is a wonderful confluence of sagacity, versatility and lucidity. His writings seem to carry a vital force that induces vibrant thoughts and engrossing joy in the reader’s mind and heart. He has written on nearly 3000 topics spanning wide-ranging aspects of human life. Some of his books deal with in-depth and rare piece of knowledge in simple language, while some provide practical solutions to day-to-day problems, and some others focus at resolving global challenges faced by the world today.


With a view to enhance the access & usability of the library resources, the members of central Library should follow the rules and regulations-


  1. Those student who are enrolled in different courses undertaken by different Department of the University
  2. Those who are members of the Faculty and Non – Teaching Staff of the University
  3. Karyakarta and Samaydani of Shantikunj and Brahmavarchas


Following facilities are provide to the members to borrow the specified number of volumes from the library for the period mentioned against each –

  1. Members of the Teaching Staff of the University can borrow six books for 5 month (150 days)
  2. D. Student enrolled in the different Dept. Of the University borrow 4 books for fortnight.
  3. All the student of the University can borrow 2 books for a fortnight.
  4. Non- Teaching Staff of the University can borrow two books for fortnight
  1. The membership card issued by the library is non-transferable;
  2. Reference Books, rare books, thesis dissertation, periodicals (loose number and bound volumes) & such other reading materials as are marked for consultation within the library should not be issued out for loan except with the special permission of the librarian;
  3. Borrowers they will be held responsible for any damage;
  4. Penalties for books lost, damaged or defaced by marking shall be fixed by the Librarian;
  5. Loan of books is not renew on the same day to the same member.

The member is expected to return burrowed books on before the due date mentioned in the issue slip. An overdue charges of Rs. 1/= per day/volume will be levied for the late return of books issued.


Neither books nor membership card be lent to another person. The member is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her library card. Loss of books must be reported to the Librarian.

Borrowers will be asked to pay the rates fixed by the Library for replace the books lost of damaged.

Loss of Library card must be reported in writing to the Registrar and deposit of non-refundable Rs 50/= will be required form the member. Duplicate Library card will be issued accordingly.

Dr. Kalpana Gayakwad
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465, Mob- 9258369598
 Pusparaj Naik
Asst. Librarian
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465,
Shriram Sonare
Reference Librarian
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465,
Dr. Rajani Atrey
Asst. Librarian
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465,


 Aaradhana Sonare
Asst.Reference Librarian
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465
Shalini Tyagi
Library Information Officer
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465
 Savita Upadhyay
Prof. Asst.
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465
 Vandana Mahajan
Library Asst.
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465


 Phoolchand Sahu
Library Asst.
Ph- 01334-261367 Ext-5465
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