Re-Exam Fees

DSVV Students who are having back in any subject can appear on re-exam by paying the fees. Kindly read carefully the instructions given below.

Re-Exam Fees Aug 2022( Back/ Special/ Practical )  Pay Fees

In case of any difficulties – please feel free to contact – 9258360646

If any Technical Issue Contact This no  – 9258369612

                                                                               Instructions to Apply for Re-Exam

All DSVV Re-exam students will have to fill out the form for being eligible for appearing at Re-exams after the successful completion of the payment and form correctly.

Process –

 If you don’t know the name of your back papers then you can try to get it from here. Click Re-Exam . However, This is for reference only. For accurate information please contact EXAM CELL.



  •           Enter the amount to be paid for the re-exam fee (as per according to the number of back papers.)
  •           Enter your registered contact number. (shoud be working)
  •           Enter your registered Email Id.
  •           Enter your name as in the records.
  •          Enter your college Roll number. (Scholar no.)
  •          Enter Email Id
  •          Enter Contact Number
  •          Enter the course you are enrolled in.
  •          Semester of the Re-exam. (for example, if you have back on 3rd & 4th Sem then please type here 3,4)
  •          Select the total number of papers of re-exam you have to appear for. (for example, if you have 3 papers in 3rd sem and 2 papers in 4th sem then write here 5)
  •          Select the type of your re-exam. Back or Special – please check with exam cell if you are not sure.
  •          Enter the name of all the re-exam papers along with their paper code. 
  •          Enter your what’s app number.
  •          Enter your father’s name without initials.


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