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Library is the highest building of the university, a five storied building, which is seen as the pride of the university.

  • Library is the highest building of the university, a five storied building, which is seen as the pride of the university.
  • It is named Aryabhatt, named after the Indian mathematician who discovered ‘zero’.
  • It is 60 steps away from Shri Ram Bhawan’s back door.
  • The library was first in Shri Ram Bhawan in room number 104 and 105 with elaboration in the university’s assets and with the increased need Aryabhatt was constructed fully in 2003 and library was shifted.
  • The inauguration was done by honourable Chancellor.
  • On ground floor after entry there is a reception on the right where books are also issued to the students. This floor contains the literature of Gurudev, in which the secrets of his life are hidden.
  • The building is home to 31086 books. The library is in ‘octagonal shape’ aiming at the stability of the building and this shape can withstand wind thrust easily. Each floor of the building is guarded by the CCTV cameras. The floor is protected by the lightening strokes as a thunder pole is wired there which absorbs the lightning bolts. The building is technically advanced.
  • It has both text books and reference books. Library has reading rooms, instructions rooms, e-journals and e-books.
  • Second floor is a media library. It is facilitated with journals related to 7 subjects,46 magazines both subjective and related to competitions, there are subjective CDs which students can access there itself, there are newsletters,13 newspapers 8 Hindi and 5 English, there are magazines related to employment news also, magazines related to mission of Shantikunj  such as Akhand Jyoti edition from 1941.
  • Third floor is a reference floor. A sitting arrangement is properly maintained for the students to access the reference books.
  • Fourth floor is the commercial laboratory, it is a e-lab. Earlier fourth floor was used for distance education, after 2010 it was converted in e-lab.
  • It is basically for non-computer science students . It provides internet, facilitates to the student who have to prepare dissertations, to the students who has to access PSP software for research work. Lab also provides scanning and printing facilities. People as a guest can also use the e-lab facilities. Classes of computer practical for Ph.D. are also conducted here and there are 26 computers in the lab.
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