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  • Gaushala Is 552 Steps Away From Shri Ram Bhawan’s Back Door. It Is Ahead Of Vehicle Washing Centre. There Are Two Big Rooms Named As Mata Bhagwati 1 And Mata Bhagwati 2 Which Accommodates 220 Cow And Each Are Named.
  • The Stretch Of Land Is Approx.1 Acre
  • Gaushala Started In 31st October,1998 At The Place, Which Is Now Called Gautam Bhawan. It’s Been Shifted From There In 2005 On The Day Of Shivratri Because Of The Fact, That Place Is At Lower Altitude Because Of Which Water Stagnation Was There Which  Also Resulted In Unhealthy Environment Another Reason For The Shift Was, With The Increasing Need Of The Milk Product And Cow’s Muke And Urine Products The Gaushala Shifted From That Lower Altitude To Higher Altitude And Vast Area. At Initial Level There Were Seven Cows, The Number Has Raised To 220 Which Includes 3 Nandis.
  • The Place Was Inaugurated By Didi And Honourable Chancellor, The Hawan Was Performed.
  • The Total Milk That Cow Gives Is More Than 150 Litres, Each And Every Drop Is Used In The Spiritual Practices, Which Is Send To Shantikunj. It Is Used In Akhand Deep And In Other Ways.
  • Cow’s Muke Is Used In The Production Of Many Products Like Kamdhenu Ark,Kamdhenu Mitti Handi Ark,Kamdhenu Toothpaste,Kamdhenu Painkiller,Kamdhenu Keshnikhar,Gaumay Saop,Gaumay Facepack,Gaumay Dhoopbatti. Cow’s Dung Is Also Used In Preparing Biogas, Which Is Prepared In Biogas Plant Situated Just 50 Meters Behind The Gaushala.
  • The Place Is Endowed With The Essence Of Purity Through Hawan Which Is Conducted Daily In The Morning, And There Is A Recitation Of Gayatri Mantra Daily Twice A Day. Once In A Week ‘Sundarkand’ Is Also Conducted In Each Room Which Imbibes The Positive Vibrations In The Environment Resulting In The Positive Growth Of The Cows.
  • The Place Is Kept Cleaned Each Time Of The Day, The Process Of Cleaning The Rooms Is Carried Out At Regular Intervals Of Time In A Single Day Keeping The Place Neat And Clean.
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