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Cow Products


  • In Year 1998 Gaushalla Took Its First Shape In It Small Form Near Gautam Bhawan To Magnify It Was Later Shifted Near To Swavallambhan In Jan 2005.Recently It Has A Total Number Of 223 Cows Which Are Pure Indian Breads. The Cow Products Started Getting Manufactured Since, 15 June 2005. The Idea Behind The Cow Products Were To Utilize The Cow Waste In A Judicial Way. Products Manufacture Here Are Kamdhenu Ark, Kamdhenu Dhanvati, Kamdhenu Haran Churan, Kamdhenu Toothpaste, Kamdhenu Pain Relief, Kamdhenu Soap, Kamdhenu Face Pack Etc. From 40 Feet Distance, There Is Biogas Plant.
  • Gaumutra – On Daily Basis 50 To 60 Liters Of Cow Urine Is Collected From Healthy Cows And Is Filtered And Processed To Produce Gau Ark, Which Can Be Stored And Used For Long Period Of Time.
  • Importance – Gau Ark Is Made In Mud Vessel And Steel Vessel.
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