Anandmayee Mess Hall (Bhojnalaye)


  • This Mess Hall Is Named After The Great Vidushi, Effluent And Of Divine Soul Maa Anandmayee. This Building Is Situated Near Panini And Arvind Bhawan Boys Hostel Which Is Of 325m In Area. Its Foundation Is Laid By Our Honourable Chancellor Dr Pranav Pandya Ji On 02.04.2003. It Is Divided Into 3 Levels In Which At Below Ground Floor At The Basement There Are Two Departments One Is Music Department Another Is Sports Department And Gym.
  • Next Is Ground Floor Which Is Also Divided Into Two Of The Halls I.E. On The Right-Hand Side There Is Boys Mess And On The Left, Is Girls Mess And On The First Floor There Is Mess Hall For The Staff. The Timings Of The Meals Are Dependent Upon The Sun Standard Timings As Follows-
    • Morning- 9:30am To 11:30am
    • Evening – 5:00pm To 7:00pm
  • The Most Amazing And Positivity Of This Place Is That No Added Preservative Or Adverse Food Material Is Added, Only Healthy And Nutritious Food Is Prepared By Some Of Our Brother After Chanting Gayatri Mantra For 5 Times.
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